Assessment & Evaluation Management

In today’s hyper competitive environment, finding top talent and ensuring you have the right person, with the right skills in the right job is more critical than ever. Employee assessment & evaluation is critical to any government and business organization and it's instrumental in determining whether an employee's skill set is appropriately matched to the employee's job. The employee assessment & evaluation process involves several inter-connected steps so that the managers can not only evaluate employees and summarize current employee performance, but it will also include future performance goals and expectations.

Employee assessment & evaluation process gives government organization’s media and public relations and managers consistent, in-depth, and objective information about their people which includes the employee’s fit with organizational culture, job, manager, and team, their knowledge, skills, job performance, and developmental needs and their preferred learning and communication style.

The aim of the module is to assist the corporate communication department by providing a thorough, comprehensive and automated way to manage the employee assessment & evaluation process. It delivers essential, ongoing feedback to employees to help them understand how they are performing, how they contribute to corporate goals and next steps for career development. It makes it easy to analyze employee performance and project profitability all in a single integrated suite

An automated assessment & evaluation management process is designed to maximize employee potential by identifying natural talents, and matching them with job tasks and supervisor's expectations. It provides continuous feedback evaluations for employees whilst facilitating timely reports that direct corporate communications department towards greater employee satisfaction and profitability. It helps government organizations corporate communications department to measure performance, improve employee development, and build employee engagement.

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