The Datamatix Certified Programs (DCP) were carefully and systematically developed based from the current requirements of the target learners. We believe that the global platform continually evolves whilst requires highly-adept and highly-competent crop of intellectuals who can come up with new ideas everyday that can bolster their organizations’ profitability and efficiency.

Our pool of experts in diverse fields always take into account the global requirements as they design and develop certified programs that are functional and provide an immediate value to their respective target learners. Datamatix certified programs has already established credibility in the field by providing paramount learning experience to professionals who want to broaden their range of skills and competencies in their respective fields.

Our immediate access to the world’s most influential leaders and experts in diverse fields is our edge in the industry. Their support in providing invaluable knowledge serves as a baseline for our pool of training experts from all over the globe in creating and mapping out training programs which are practical and beneficial to every organization and professional who aspire to be in the forefront of the global competition. All the certified programs that we design and develop are aligned to the current global issues, so participants are able to acquire knowledge and skills which are practical and have an instant beneficial effect to their individual and organizational requirements.

Our passion to deliver high quality standards is our competitive-edge. Datamatix is not contented with the status-quo. We do not keep ourselves stunted by the ongoing trend - we evolve, we innovate.

Our research and development team is continuously coming out with new ideas that are essential to the growing demands of the business environment. These innovations are infused in our programs all the time in order to keep professionals at pace with the evolving global competition.

As you become Datamatix certified professional, you are assured of becoming holistically inclined with the current management and businesses processes while bracing your skills and competencies with the latest strategies in the business world.

Added Benefits
  • Options for customized programming
  • Cost-effective because of the abridge yet concise content
  • World-renowned experts who are adept in the current global market
  • Workshops and Training Methodologies are highly interactive and practical
  • Continued learning support
  • Additional professional consulting services
  • State-of-the-art learning facilities
  • Learner-centric

Datamatix vouches its credibility by merging altogether the expertise of outstanding intellectuals and researchers in various fields with diverse cultural backgrounds to contribute in the ongoing research and development of the organization. Our aim is to come up with high-caliber certified programs that will put every individual and organization at the forefront of the global competition!

Our reputation in the field of knowledge-building, leadership development and contribution to the global economic development for 28 consecutive years is a remarkable achievement. Datamatix brand encapsulates credibility and fosters innovative skills that will make every individual and organizational objectives soar to greater heights!

The continuing effort of our pool of experts to hone and facilitate the learning and development of professionals is imperative to individual and organizational success. With our immediate access to no less than the world-renowned leaders and business gurus, Datamatix guarantees the highest level of business standards and management practices.

The Datamatix Certified Programs are a compendium of various courses which are tailor-made for the specific training requirements of different organizations in the government and business sectors within and outside the Region. You may opt to take one or more of the courses under each program, depending on the recommendation of our training consultants.

After taking any of the courses under Datamatix Certified Program, you will be entitled to achieve a Datamatix Certificate, which corresponds to the title of the course you have taken. However, if you prefer to take all the courses under one program, you will be awarded the prestigious Datamatix Certified Professional (DCP) title, which can be affixed to your business cards and resumes. Records are archived with Datamatix centralized database and are available for verification upon request.

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