Goverment Corporate Communication Smart System
In the era of 21st century of organizational change and technological innovations, public and media relations have become vital because of the cross-national (and cross-cultural) communication needed by organizations of all types.

Globalization has also highlighted the extreme ethnocentricity that currently exists in public relations practice and scholarship. Existing ethnocentricity can only be reduced by integrating knowledge about the extreme diversity in such things as culture, political economy, media systems, and activism Read More

GovMedia 14 Modules

PR and Media Relation Management

In the era of globalization and cut throat competition, every organization struggles to stay a step ahead of its competitors. It is essential for every organization to communicate well with its stake holders, partners and each and every individual associated with it. Read More

Contact Management

In the era of 21st century of organizational change and technological innovations, forward-thinking organizations, with ambitions of growing their business, even in quiet times, are constantly looking for ways Read More

VIP Delegation Management

In the era of 21st century where organizations around the world are facing increased challenges due to globalization and technological innovation, many organizations are seeking to gain competitive advantage Read More

Customer Suggestions Management

In today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world, of “customer’s era” – an age where the focus is on all the customers, the perception of customers and customer experience has an intense impact Read More

Decree Management

In today’s business environment, compliance with government laws and regulations is an increasingly difficult task. Read More

Events Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment events management is of considerable importance to government and business organizations in pursuit of a variety of goals, including generating publicity, activating Read More

Meetings Management

In the era of global fiscal, technological advances and institutional performance, organizations are re-evaluating their systems and processes with a new level of scrutiny. Rapid ROI is a key factor in decision-making. Read More

Branding and Marketing Management

Modern globalized, technology driven world has thrown new challenges to branding. Customers/consumers have more access to information than ever before. Internet has become a strong tool Read More

Media Watch

In today’s fast-paced environment, broadcast, media, entertainment and PR and Media relations organizations need to assemble the most relevant digital assets as quickly as possible, streamline production costs and increase revenue opportunities. Read More

Archiving Management

In the era of technological and economic globalization, government and business organizations are faced with challenges such as sky rocketing volumes of data, a worldwide tightening of regulatory Read More

Business Trip management

Business travels have become an integral part of any organization in today’s fast paced economy. As government and business organizations expand into overseas markets, a wider cohort of staff Read More

Assessment and Evaluation Management

In today’s hyper competitive environment, finding top talent and ensuring you have the right person, with the right skills in the right job is more critical than ever. Read More

Research and Biz Intelligence Management

In the era of globalization, technological advancements and increasingly unpredictable economic conditions, traditional reporting system in government and business organizations is becoming bottle neck Read More

Statistic & Reports management

In this increasingly digital era of globalization and cut throat competition, organizations to succeed in today’s connected world; need to build a community around their company, brand, and products. Read More

GovMedia Key Benefits
GovMedia Software, a Government Corporate Communication Smart System, provides All-In-One Media Intelligence Platform that helps organizations to organize, share, track and report all of PR activities thereby providing total visibility into their PR performance. Some of the benefits of implementing GovMedia software are as follows:
Find the right influencers
Provides access to in-depth media profiles whilst connecting with digital influencers and uncovering real time pitching opportunities and helps map upcoming editorial coverage.
Analyze your impact
Helps quantify reach and coverage of campaigns whilst benchmarking results against competitors and identifies relevant social conversations to gauge effectiveness with real¬-time reports
Earn more media wins
Helps develop strong connections that get bigger results by centralizing media & influencer contact information, interaction history, pitching preferences, and insider knowledge.
Measure your relationships
Facilitates the corporate communications department to perceive with clarity on how your relationships and strategies impact your results.
Track your story
Facilitates monitoring of digital, broadcast and print outlets thereby helping to track sentiment across all media
Advanced reporting
Keeps you on top of all upcoming deadlines, generates status reports available at a moment’s notice, and creates usage management reports for those all-important ROI calculations.
Media and Corporate Communications
Talent Acquisitions and Recruitment, CV Evaluation Services
Datamatix is a specialist talent acquisition, recruitment and CV evaluation agency dedicated to the on & off-line public relations, digital, social media and marketing communications job sectors.
Media and Corporate Communications Leaders Training and Empowerment Development Outsourcing
The world of corporate communications is rapidly evolving with the fast-paced growth of social media and creating and maintaining the corporate brand has become imperative to business.
Media and Corporate Communications Leaders & Organizational Knowledge Management Development Outsourcing
Public relations and corporate communication are critically important in today’s rapidly evolving media environment thereby formulating the significance to create competitive advantages from knowledge assets to succeed in the knowledge economy.
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