Events Management

In today’s fast-paced business environment events management is of considerable importance to government and business organizations in pursuit of a variety of goals, including generating publicity, activating new campaigns, attracting stakeholder attention, making a memorable statement to promote, celebrate, acknowledge, commend or reward.

The aim of the module is to offer a flexible platform that allows the corporate communications department to streamline the event management process and generate reports. It allows creating quotes and invoices, sending emails and managing vendors. It provides the ability to create articulate profiled information on your Event including all critical metrics for the event, whilst managing the creation of content through various input sources and implementing, optimizing personnel scheduling to event activations thereby improving event performance tracking, reporting, and analysis.

An automated events management process helps corporate communications department to stay organized and seamlessly manage all your event details in one convenient place. It automates the event email campaign with a customized email scheduler. It facilitates planning and data solutions whilst introducing advanced communication and collaboration, decreasing processing errors, and generating easy access to your registration and payment options. It’s provides a strategic tool that the government and business organizations communications department to achieve companywide results by increasing visibility across your events thereby, compliance and save cost.

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