Media Watch

In today’s fast-paced environment, broadcast, media, entertainment and PR and Media relations organizations need to assemble the most relevant digital assets as quickly as possible, streamline production costs and increase revenue opportunities. To boost productivity levels, corporate communications department needs to rapidly preview, access, share, assemble and deliver programs to an always-increasing number of device platforms.

Developed to solve those challenges, Media Watch is a business-centric platform for managing assets, workflows and processes throughout the multimedia production and distribution chain.

The aim of the module is to provide a centralized multimedia content catalogue for government and business organizations allowing for immediate access to all content, including archived material. It provides storage for company-wide rich media files, such as photos, sound files, and videos, as well as presentations and graphics, specifically related to company branding. It allows the corporate communications department to tag assets and search for and access files as needed whist offering tools for managing rights and permissions of media content for external use and embedding on internal or external websites.

Automated Media Watch software catalogues and maintains repositories of media files such as photos, audio files, and video files. It is a unified information repository with the ability to ingest any file type from any device at any time whilst allowing users to group, search, and distribute files. It allows you to easily store, organize, track and re-purpose your branded assets – such as photography, videos, rich graphics, 3D imagery, and more thereby providing access to all of the tools necessary to manage and distribute their content in one single place.

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