Research and Biz Intelligence Management

In the era of globalization, technological advancements and increasingly unpredictable economic conditions, traditional reporting system in government and business organizations is becoming bottle neck to provide right information at right time. To succeed and sustain competitive advantage, government and business organizations need to develop a superior strength to sense and respond quickly and smartly to market dynamics. Business Intelligence is one of the most important initiatives for enterprises to review and decide proactively for organized growth of their business.

The aim of the module is to provide a single solution to analyze complex data that would otherwise require an entire assembly line of tools and a department of specialists to operate them. It creates compelling visual analyses and analytical applications from raw data in a matter of seconds thereby providing an innovative user environment that combines self-service data preparation, search based data discovery, personal mash-ups, and drag and drop functionality that gives access to the right information easier, faster and more effectively, without compromising enterprise data governance. It creates automated reports and dashboards that can be deployed to end users, as well as non-technical user interfaces for business users to slice and dice data on their own and perform ad hoc reporting.

An automated research and business intelligence management process enables government and business organizations transformation of unstructured business data from any internal source into reportable datasets and provides visualization of that data into graphs and tables that expose valuable insights. It provides visualization on how the various aspects of business are performing and affect each other whilst establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for users to track and measure success against. It helps to know which tactics are positively and negatively affecting your business’s goals thereby improving business processes and campaigns.

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