Customer Suggestions Management

In today’s fast-paced, digitally connected world, of “customer’s era” – an age where the focus is on all the customers, the perception of customers and customer experience has an intense impact on the metrics of a business ranging from customer loyalty and brand equities to cost saving and increased revenues.

Customer feedback and suggestions is a constant stream of information across different media. Staying on top of it all is essential. Customer Suggestions Management systems help companies collect and parse feedback, then act on customer insights to deliver a better customer experience.

The aim of the module is to maximize customer satisfaction, manage resources and optimize processes by implementing a real-time customer feedback and suggestions management solution. Feedback and suggestions helps government and business organizations to easily measure customer satisfaction and experience in simple-to-use, visual format. Easy-to-use survey capabilities and standard reports enable corporate communications department to monitor social, email, chat, and mobile interactions whilst analyzing how your customers feel, identify problem spots, and provide a contextualized, personalized and immediate response to each piece of feedback and suggestion collected.

An automated customer suggestion management process combs social sites, unifies direct customer feedback with social feedback, distributes it to your organization, and then manages response, in just one application. It enables corporate communications department to generate unique insights by conducing sentiment analysis of social media data, side-by-side with survey satisfaction and loyalty scores. It provides a complete workflow system that takes the business user through each step in customer recovery, managing process change, reducing customer churn, and improving customer interactions.

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