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                  Steve: I really care about Apple

                  2011-08-30 21:41:35 View:51

                  Beijing time on August 30 morning, according to U.S. technology blog site BusinessInsider reports,Apple has been in practice Jonathan Berg (Jonathan Berger) has recalled a past event, highlighting theSteve Jobs (Steve Jobs) deep feelings for Apple.

                  Berg internship in 2000, when Apple has Steve Jobs at the meeting asked why the return to Apple. Jobsreplied: "I was hesitant on whether to return to Apple, in the intense inner struggle, I asked a lot ofpeople, has also been a lot of opinions. Late one night, I am still upset to this problem, 2:00 I give play to call a friend and asked, 'should I return back to Apple or not? "this friend said,' Listen, Steve, I do notmind a little apple thing, you do decide! "Having hung up the phone. at that time, I discovered that I reallycare about Apple."

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