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                  Dell and VMware launch cloud infrastructure services

                  2011-08-30 21:43:57 View:55

                  Beijing time on August 30 morning news, Dell will launch later this year with VMware first cloud infrastructure services, to continue its business areas to expand beyond the PC, into higher-margin software and services .

                  The service will be based on VMworld's vCloud platform, through Dell's Texas Pu Leinuo (Plano) of the data center to deliver. Users will be through pay-way rental computing and storage services, but also more long-term contract signed, will be reserved or dedicated hardware covered. In addition, Dell will also provide consultancy services to companies to help them in their own private clouds to build data centers, data centers use vCloud services. Dell will also use VMware software to build the Connector "hybrid" cloud, the private and public clouds connected together.

                  Dell plans on Monday in Las Vegas at VMworld VMware announced the plan.

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                  Dell and the project will enhance the competition between IBM and HP relationship, after the two companies are also building a public cloud services. In addition, this program will allow Dell to become the Amazon Web Services, Verizon Business and other service provider Terremark's competitors, some of these providers is also Dell's customers.

                  Storage consulting firm Taneja Group analyst Arun Taneja, founder and consultant, said Dell must provide these services to maintain the competitiveness of companies in the industry, because of cloud services is becoming a regular business. He predicted that all large IT vendors will be provided within three years, some form of cloud services.

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